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Karen Kassap
Art and Scroll Studio

On April 17, 2024 Karen Kassap was our special guest. She shared with us the backstory behind her amazing art. Subscribe to our channel so you can be sure to know of upcoming events.

Anika Smulovitz
Art & Scroll Studio

Anika Smulovitz was our featured guest on Art and Scroll Studio. She shared with us the backstory of how she creates her amazing art.
November 15, 2023

Joshua Winer
Art and Scroll Studio

Mural and mosaic artist Joshua Winer was our special guest. He shared the backstory of his art and took us on a journey of discovery of public spaces in textures and materials.
April 20, 2022

Hillel Smith
Art and Scroll Studio

Hillel Smith was our special guest on Oct. 18, 2023. What follows is the full episode as it appeared on that day. Please follow our channel so you’ll be sure to know when we have events coming in the future.
Oct. 18, 2023

Jeremy Kagan
Art and Scroll Studio

Jeremy Kagan was our special guest.
April 19, 2023

Laurie Wohl
Art and Scroll Studio

Laurie Wohl was our special guest. She shared with us the backstory of her amazing art. This is the full episode as it appeared on that day. Please subscribe to our channel so you’ll be sure to know of episodes coming in the future or watching episodes from the past.
January 18th, 2023

Shoshannah Brombacher
YI Interview: Shoshannah Brombacher

Shmoozing with Avi Hoffman: YI ❤️ #ART​
Featuring Artist Shoshana Brombacher – VP, American Guild of Judaic Art

Joshua Winer
JLive Art

A Youtube Video Zoom interview by Laura Mandel, Executive Director of the Jewish Arts Collaborative with Joshua Winer on the artist’s creative work in the Boston area.

Joshua Winer
Open Your Eyes Mosaic

A Youtube Video showing this mosaic mural right after installation. The Mosaic is in the foyer of Temple Shalom in Newton MA.

Fran Addison
JLive Art

The Jewish Arts Collaborative in Boston, interviewed me, via zoom, in my studio, for their JLive Art segment, September 2020. I show several images of my Judaica, and speak about my process.

Carole Smollen
Studio Visit
Laurie Wohl
Gallery Talk – Birds of Longing: Exile and Memory

Textile artist Laurie Wohl presents a gallery talk on her work Birds of Longing: Exile and Memory, hosted by the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

Birds of Longing was originally to be on exhibit at the Poetry Center during spring 2020. This gallery talk, which also includes a brief conversation between Wohl and Poetry Center library specialist Julie Swarstad Johnson, is part of the Sally and Ralph Duchin Campus Lecture Series, cosponsored by the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies.
Birds of Longing, a collection of distinctive fiber art pieces by Laurie Wohl with an accompanying soundscape, emphasizes commonalities among the spiritual texts and poetry of the three Abrahamic religions. Wohl’s unique Unweavings interweave Jewish, Muslim, and Christian texts from the medieval period of the Convivencia in Spain with those of contemporary Middle Eastern poets, particularly Palestinian, Syrian, and Israeli. Themes of spiritual love, justice, memory, exile, mistrust of enemies, and yearning for reconciliation recur throughout Birds of Longing, stimulating thought about the shared emotional, aesthetic, thematic, and spiritual content of these traditions.

Shoshannah Brombacher, PhD
Why is this art different from all other art?

Shoshannah Brombacher talks about what makes art Jewish, the development of Jewish art in history, and the choices a Jewish artist is confronted with. She illustrates her lecture with numerous works of her art.

This is a Powerpoint presentation for the cultural organization EtCetera in Toronto in June, 2020.

Ignore the first few minutes of the video, the recording started too early.

Marlene Adler
Exploring Judaism and Spirituality