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AGJA Teaching Artist Resource Directory (in alphabetical order):

Frann Addison
Location:   Acton, MA
Website: http://www.frannaddisonjudaica.com/
Email: fsajudaica@yahoo.com
Contact Phone:  978-264-4335

Frann has a lecture/slide presentation titled, “The History of Jewish Ceremonial Objects Used in the Home” which is based on research she did for her master’s thesis. In the presentation, she shows approximately 100 slides of historical pieces and speaks about the different holidays and celebrations in which they are used, as well as discussing the artistic influences of the country in which they were made, Christian influences, ritual requirements, superstitions regarding the pieces’use, etc. She also brings some of her own Judaica creations to share.

Through the lecture she hopes to enlighten Jews and non-Jews about this aspect of Jewish cultural heritage.

Program Time factors:  approximately one hour.
Fee: $350 plus travel expenses.


Avrum (Avy Ashery)
Location:   Rockville, Maryland, USA
Website: Asherydesign.info
Email: Asherydesign@verizon.net
Contact Phone:  301-279-0648

Avrum has taught Jewish studies in synagogues for 43 years, grades 5-12 with the intent to develop Jewish pride in their identity and values and to have an understanding and an appreciation of a very unique 3000 year history.  For adults, he focuses on Judaic art an educational tool for homes and Jewish institutions. For Jewish leadership, he includes the concept that Judaic art galleries can be a strong extra revenue source, instructional tool for teachers, and a source for Jewish ethnic pride in these cultural diverse days.


  1. Hasbarah– Advocating for Israel in the media creatively to the American public with a focus on Israeli accomplishments.
  2. Cultural Diversity and our own Jewish cultural arts expressions…Is there a fit?
  3. The stories behind his Judaic art that was presented at the White House and placed in the Smithsonian, as well as Jewish art banned in the former USSR to help free the Jewish Refuseniks (Natan Sharansky).


  1. Hasbarah Workshop– for Jewish youth (teens) groups and a workshop for Young Leadership in Jewish organizations and institutions. Creating media messages that advocate for Israel’s achievements, while having a creative message impact. The workshop also includes Domestic Jewish Outreach promoting Jewish education and Jewish identity to those who are on the margins.
  2. Workshop for Families—Creating your own historical Jewish family crest/logo for future generations.

Age range: Jewish Teens- 14-18   Adults- 21-35    Adults-35-55    Seniors- 56 and up
Fees: $450-800 depending on audience size
Expenses:  Travel, hotel, Food. Shipping art if necessary for program or exhibit.
Program Time factors: Workshops; 1.5-2 hrs.     Lectures and Q&A; 1-2 hrs.  Art Exhibit Lecture; 1-2 hrs.

Weekend programs: Shabbat suitable to include lectures, workshops, Judaic art Exhibit/Fundraiser using the exhibited art for synagogues, organizational conventions/retreats, Jewish federations, Jewish day schools, Youth Group conventions, Jewish summer camps.


Berta Goldgaber / Fabric Art by Berta
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Website:  www.judaicafabricart.com
Email: Fabricart18@aol.com
Phone: (314) 725-7499

Born in Brazil, immigrating to the United State with her husband and two children in 1970, Berta’s love for sewing began at a young age. In 1990, Berta embarked on a new specialty, “Judaic Fabric Art” which included Quilts, Challah Covers and specialty items that are sold today in galleries and synagogue gift shops. Berta conducts workshops to share her love in creating Judaica fabric pieces.

FABRIC WORKSHOPS: Creating Judaic theme fabric items (ages 7-adults) appropriate for schools, synagogues, JCCs, senior citizen centers APPLIQUE WORKSHOPS Challah Cover Applique: cover provided Afikomen Bag Applique: bag provided T-shirt Applique: participants provide solid color cotton T-shirt Fee: $18 per participant, includes all supplies except for aT-shirt, for that workshop

THE COMMUNITY QUILT PROJECT Creating a collaborative art quilt under the guidance of Berta Goldgaber Fabric squares and supplies provided. Participants learn how to appliqué designs on their square. Berta takes the squares home to finish making them into one art quilt. Minimum number of squares – 12 (twelve participants). This workshop works well for synagogue groups of children, or can also be a project for teens or adults. Fee: $500 (includes instruction, supplies and finishing of the quilt)

Out of the St. Louis area: additional expense for airfare and food as needed. Home hospitality would be acceptable vs hotel lodging.

Time for workshops: from one to two hours


Jewish Artist Center
Location:   Moshav Mata, Israel (Between Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh)Founder, Managing Instructor, and AGJA member:  Gabriel Bass
Website:  Http://JewishArtistCenter.org
Contact Phone:  202-609-9754 from the USA, 052-676-9789 in Israel

Our spacious wood, glass, and metal studios offer every tool necessary for beginner to experienced artist to create in an efficient and comfortable manner.  Jewish Artist Center staff is always available to guide students through the process of creation from design to technical training to assure that you are proud of the work you produce here.  We offer a variety of opportunities for artists to be involved including membership in our data base, courses, residencies, apprenticeships, studio rentals, and a forum for artistic exploration.

The Jewish Artist Center offers a variety of courses for the beginning to expert craftsmen in carpentry, carving, glass blowing, glass bead-making, jewelry, and metal work.  We have developed a unique way of teaching that focuses attention on each student based upon their abilities and goals.  Weekly, intensive, and accredited courses are available year round.

The studio is open to the public for demonstrations in Jewish Art with an educational component in Jewish Art and Craftsmanship.  Visit the studio to watch artists at work carving, blowing glass, and pounding metal.

Gabriel is also available to speak at your synagogue, museum, or private functions, with prepared lectures about Jewish Art, Israeli Artistic Development, Artistic Cooperation, Israeli art through the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, and technical hands-on demonstrations in carving and glass blowing through the eyes of the Jewish artist.


Flora Rosefsky
Location: Atlanta, GA
Website: www.FloraRosefsky.com
Email: flora@FloraRosefsky.com

With over thirty-five years of experience as a teaching artist, Flora Rosefsky is noted for creating a “risk-free environment” where students of all ages feel comfortable experimenting with a new process. She conducted workshops and artist residencies in select Upstate New York, Northern Westchester, New York City and Atlanta schools as well as institutions like museums, JCCs, synagogues, Senior Citizen Centers, and Hillel Centers.  Expressing Judaic themes, an integral part of Rosefsky’s own work, becomes the inspiration for her creative curriculum development, both as a teaching artist and as a speaker.

Art exhibition available during a workshop/residency or lecture presentation. Exhibition can remain in the institution to use as a teaching resource after the program ends. For more information, contact the artist. Availability: Metro Atlanta

Workshops: Time: allow 1 –2 hours per workshop (max. 5 hours in one day)

Fee: From $250 -600– depending upon number of students in each workshop and number of workshops. For drop in workshops, without an advanced registration to know the number of participants, inquire to the artist for a fee.

Scholar in Residence: Time and fee varies according to one day, week, or weekend program, and number of programs within the residency. Inquire to the artist.

Talks/Lectures with Q&A and discussion Time: Allow 1 ½ hours – 2 hours Fee: Inquire to the artist.

Selected examples: For more program descriptions or for Flora to develop a curriculum specifically appropriate for an organization, school, or institution – inquire to the artist.

  1. Workshop: Danish Fishing Boats: How Denmark Saved Their Jews in WWII Holocaust collage/ mixed materials workshop recreates the story of how Denmark saved their Jews in World War II by ferrying them safely across the North Sea to neutral Sweden. Making small recycled “fishing boats” leaves a positive impact on understanding how the human spirit can “do the right thing”. For  5thgrade to middle school or for family workshop
  2. Workshop: Interpreting Prayer and Religious Text with the Art of Paper Cutouts Meditations and excerpts from prayers and sacred texts are the source of inspiration to create meaningful personal works of art. Appropriate for teenagers, adults of all ages, and particularly appropriate for interfaith programs and dialogues.
  3. Workshop: Visual Midrash:  Illustrating Torah and related Jewish Text Using the art of paper cutoutsand mixed materials that may include found objects like “recycled cell phones”, participants create an imaginative contemporary interpretation of Torah readings or other Jewish text that express  personal meaning in their life today, while connecting their concepts with words written thousands of years ago for their inspiration. Appropriate for Middle School, High School and adults of all ages.
  4. Talk/Lecture/Q & A Discussion along with incorporating samples of the artist’s work Various topics are available for this type of program. Selected examples include: “The Art of Flora Rosefsky:  Journey of Imagination in Jewish Tradition and Expression”  “ What makes Judaica and Jewish art so special: in God’s hands.” “From the Artist’s View: idea, concept to finalizing a work of art with a Jewish voice” Appropriate for synagogues, JCCs, other institutions and groups. Fee: inquire to the artist.
  5. Artist in Residency: Friday evening service: talk and discussion, “The Art of Flora Rosefsky:  Journey of Imagination in Jewish Tradition and Expression” Saturday: afternoon family hands-on workshop on a specific theme such as Beautifying Torah, Creating a Family Tree: L’Dor V’Dor – From Generation to Generation or continuation of study/discussion about Judaica and art inspired by Jewish traditions. Saturday evening: Art exhibition of Rosefsky’s work – with artist’s talk. Part of purchases to benefit the sponsoring synagogue, JCC or other institution. Sunday morning: hands-on workshop  for synagogue’s Sunday School classes. Available examples of exhibition themes: Jewish Holidays, Festivals and Rituals. Drawing with Scissors: The Art of Paper Judaic Cutouts.  Tradition: How Families Celebrate!  The Art of Torah. Note that often the results of residency/workshop artwork is often framed, and then installed as permanent installations or reproduced onto note cards. Appropriate for synagogues, JCCs, or other Jewish institutions. Fee –from $2500 and up. Further information, inquire to the artist.

Corinne Soikin Strauss
Location:   Wainscott, NY
Website: http://chuppah.com/
Email: corinne@chuppah.com
Contact Phone:  631-537-8008

Corinne had an art school for over eight years and has conducted workshops in her studio, as well as workshops at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, creating Tallit.

Possible workshops include:
What It Means to be a Judaic Artist
Jewish Wedding Ceremonies
How to Make a Tallit
My Chuppahs and demonstration of painting onto silk

Fees: minimum of $350.00 + expenses for travel and $50.00 hour travel time if it is driving distance.


The Judaic Visual Arts
On-Line Mentoring Program For Students Grades 7-12

The Guild is introducing a one-of-a-kind mentoring program: AGJA artists volunteer to mentor student artists in a unique on-line venue. The mentor program is a direct approach to reaching young people who express a sincere interest in learning how to create Jewish art. Guild artists experience the rare opportunity to mentor, guide and inspire a young person in the complex world of Judaic art, all done on-line. As a Judaic arts organization, the Guild will use its numerous resources to facilitate the development and growth of the mentoring program.

For More Information for Student Applicants

Rules Governing Mentor Program

Student Application

Mentor Application

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