Shoshannah Brombacher

Shoshannah BrombacherArt makes the world within the artist visible.

Classical music, poetry, Jewish and Chassidic stories, traveling, the love for people and memories of eras gone but not forgotten, cities where I lived and worked, like Amsterdam, Berlin, Jerusalem, New York, or visited like Prague and Sicily, are the main ingredients of my art.

My art is like the water of the canals of my native Amsterdam, Rembrandts city, the deeper you look into it, the more you see. A reflection of a reflection of a reflection…look, what you see is not what you see.

My art contains texts and letters, lets writing come alive, and reflects my deep connection with the Dutch 17th century Masters, German expressionism, Russian art and medieval miniatures.

My art is also a tribute to music and the world of the great Chassidic masters of Eastern Europe. The Kotzker Rebbe listened to a Chassidic storyteller in the street and stated:

He told what he wanted and I heard what I needed.

That is Art.

  • kaddish has four letters

Kaddish has four letters

April 3rd, 2024|Comments Off on Kaddish has four letters

Painting is interpreting. Artists put thoughts and feelings on canvas the way they experience them or want to express them, their own or belonging to others, but seen though an artis’s lens. Here are my four canvasses about mourning and saying kaddish.

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Yosef and his brothers. Three artistic interpretations

March 21st, 2024|Comments Off on Yosef and his brothers. Three artistic interpretations

It is not enough that an artist has good skills handling his our her tools, like brushes, chisels, a weaving-loom, clay, or whatever medium they work with, and it’s not enough that they are good at making compositions or combine colors and the like, though this is, of course, indispensable for good art.

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