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Fiscal Sponsorship

Have you ever seen a call for a grant proposal that looked promising only to find out that you have to be a 501(c)(3) organization or partner with one in order to qualify?

The American Guild of Judaic Art is pleased to be able to provide our members the opportunity to write grants in partnership with the Guild and our fiscal sponsor Jewish Creativity International (JCI).

To learn more, take a look at our FAQs section below.

Fiscal SponsorshipGeneral Guidelines

Any member of America Guild of Judaic Art who wishes to submit a grant proposal in partnership with the AGJA and our fiscal sponsor, JCI is responsible for being familiar with the FAQs section below and complying with its requirements.

Fiscal partnership is available to Guild members only.

Any member writing a proposal that requires 501(c)(3) status must first submit their proposal to the AGJA for approval.  Your proposal must include a full budget.  The approval process can take up to 10 days so please factor this into your timelines. Please submit your completed proposal to: [email protected].  Upon approval, a signed sponsorship agreement will be necessary in order for AGJA to provide the documentation required for you to submit your proposal to the institution.  Any grant proposals submitted by the artist without prior approval and a signed fiscal sponsorship agreement will not be valid and no grant monies will be administered.


How does fiscal sponsorship work?2020-07-17T11:36:15-07:00

AGJA’s fiscal sponsor, Jewish Creativity International, also known as the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity receives the money granted to your project, and “re-grants” the money to AGJA by paying your invoices.

Why use a fiscal sponsor?2020-07-16T12:32:01-07:00

It allows you to qualify for and to seek grants available only to tax-exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

What does it cost?2020-07-16T12:32:29-07:00

JCI’s fees amount to 5% of the funds received for the benefit of your project. You don’t owe JCI anything until JCI receives money in support of your project. The American Guild of Judaic Art will take no overhead or fees. The ability to submit grant proposals utilizing JCI’s fiscal sponsorship of AGJA is a benefit of membership.

Does fiscal sponsorship make my project a 501(c)(3) organization?2020-07-16T12:33:42-07:00

No. You receive the benefits of JCI’s tax-exempt status only for grant awards made through JCI for your project.


How do I get the money that is awarded?2020-07-16T12:34:14-07:00

By using the money for your project’s expenses. You will submit invoices to AGJA that you receive for goods and services. AGJA will review and forward them to JCI, who will pay those invoices on your behalf. Types of invoices can include bills for personal services from you and your contractors, to compensate you and them for the time you spend working on the project.

Can AGJA or JCI also receive income that my project earns and add them to my “account”?2020-07-16T12:34:47-07:00

No. JCI’s main purpose as our fiscal sponsor for this initiative is to process grants. Payments to you for services you provide – i.e., earned income – should go directly to you.

Can JCI just send me my money in a lump sum so I can pay my expenses directly?2020-07-24T11:24:37-07:00

No. Because the grants are made payable to Jewish Creativity International as the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, JCI needs to be able to demonstrate that the grant money was used for appropriate tax-exempt purposes, and that the terms of the grants are being fulfilled. That’s why payments are made directly to vendors according to their invoices.

What if I need money in advance for vendors that require prepayment?2020-07-16T12:35:54-07:00

That’s permitted. Submit your invoice to AGJA for payment ahead of time, with documentation of the expense(s) such as a purchase order, a contract, or a third-party invoice and AGJA will forward it to JCI for payment.

How do I submit an invoice?2020-07-16T12:36:41-07:00

Email to: [email protected]. Invoices are accepted via email ONLY, DO NOT USE U.S. MAIL. If your invoice involves reimbursement for expenses you’ve paid for, you need to attach a receipt for each of those expenses. Please do not contact JCI directly. Your point of contact will always be [email protected].

Will AGJA or JCI send me a confirmation when an invoice has been paid?2020-07-16T12:37:17-07:00

No. If there’s a deadline or other special reason to expedite and confirm a particular payment, AGJA will make commercially reasonable efforts to meet your needs.

How quickly will my invoices get paid?2020-07-16T12:37:51-07:00

JCI processes payments twice a month, so payees almost always receive their funds within 30 days after the invoice reaches JCI. JCI makes all payments electronically, via Automated Clearing House, so all invoices must include the vendor’s appropriate bank details for accepting ACH payments. JCI will not pay by check.

Can I ask my vendors to bill JCI directly?2020-07-16T12:38:23-07:00

No. They need to invoice you, and you need to approve the invoice before AGJA forwards it to JCI for payment. JCI may not spend your money without your explicit approval; submission of an invoice to AGJA for payment shall conclusively be deemed your approval and directive to AGJA and JCI to pay the invoice from available funds in your account.

If I have an employee, does that person become JCI’s employee?2020-07-16T12:38:55-07:00

No; nothing in the Grant Sponsorship Agreement or the relationship it governs makes any employee, agent or contractor of yours an employee, agent or contractor of JCI or AGJA. You can use the grant funds to pay your employee’s wages if the expense is part of your Project budget, but the employment relationship is solely between you and your employee(s).

Are any forms needed, besides the invoice, to initiate a payment?2020-07-16T12:39:31-07:00

Yes, if the payee is an individual (a “natural person”), as opposed to a company. JCI needs a signed IRS Form W-9 from the payee. (For persons who don’t reside in the United States, it would be Form W-8.) The forms are available for download at JCI is unable to pay any individual based on an invoice unless they have the individual’s W-9 or W-8 on file.

How do I find out my balance – how much money is in my “account”?2020-07-16T12:40:07-07:00

AGJA will send you a report shortly after the end of each month in which you have financial activity.

How can I find out my balance in the middle of a month?2020-07-16T12:40:43-07:00

You can’t. JCI’s accounts are updated monthly, not daily, so AGJA does not have that information to give you. Your balance is NOT available on demand. You can request that a copy of the most recent financial report from AGJA/JCI be sent you, but if you do, you may be assessed a $25 service fee.

How will I know when my grant money has come in?2020-07-16T12:41:17-07:00

JCI will alert AGJA as soon as any funds are received. AGJA will use its best efforts to notify you promptly when the money is available for your use.

Can I contact AGJA to find out if JCI has received a particular grant I am expecting or if I my grant proposal has been accepted?2020-07-16T12:41:50-07:00

No, you may not, and you are cautioned not to take this prohibition lightly. If a check has been received, you will already have been notified. If you have not been notified, the check has not come in.

When I apply for a grant, am I the applicant or is AGJA or JCI the applicant?2020-07-16T12:42:29-07:00

Since the funds will be paid to JCI, the legal applicant is JCI – on behalf of AGJA and your project, of course. If you apply in your own name, the donation would not be tax-deductible, and the application might not meet a grantor’s eligibility requirements.

Can JCI help me with fundraising?2020-07-17T11:38:58-07:00

No, they cannot. That’s not JCI’s role. Their services are limited to processing the funds that come in and go out from a specific Grant.

How does the fiscal sponsorship end?2020-07-22T15:42:57-07:00

The sponsorship effectively ends when all the money in your account has been spent. If you were to terminate the fiscal sponsorship before that happens, JCI would be obligated to return any unspent funds to the Grantor.

What’s the difference between Jewish Creativity International and the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity?2020-07-16T14:39:34-07:00

JCI does business as Jewish Creativity International, which is its brand identity. Its legal corporate name is the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity, and many directories still list it by that name. That’s also the name it uses for government filings and some legal documents. They are two different names for the same entity.

Under what circumstances can I contact JCI directly?2020-07-16T14:40:17-07:00

None. You should never contact JCI directly for any reason. Any communication with JCI by an AGJA member must go through AGJA. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Please email [email protected] if you need further information.

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