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Judaic Embroidery Designer
Author, Embroidery and Sacred Text
Speaker on embroidery as Jewish exegesis; embroidery design and mathematics
Silver Spring, MD


Embroidery allows Rachel to enter and interpret Jewish sacred texts. Her ideas always start with words from Torah or liturgy. Next, she designs and stitches Judaic embroidery to elucidate those texts. The drafting work is highly mathematical, incorporating ideas from geometry and algebra. Rachel collected her designs and divrei Torah in a book, Embroidery and Sacred Text. She gives book talks, and has presented at The Textile Museum (Washington DC), Jewish Study Center, Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, and elsewhere, including synagogue adult education programs. Her work has shown in synagogues, churches, and libraries and in an American Mathematical Society exhibit. Embroidery images are adaptable as cards, invitations, and posters.


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Image #1
Image #2
Lampstand (Exodus 25)
Image #3
Gates of Jerusalem (Psalm 122)
Image #4
Bamidbar (Numbers 33)
Image #5
Beterem (Psalm 90:2)
Image #6
48 Ways (Pirkei Avot 6:6)
Image #7
God Counts the Stars (Psalm 147)
Image #8
Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28)