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About Us

The American Guild of Judaic Art is an international not-for-profit membership organization for those with interests in the Judaic arts and dedicated to the promotion of Jewish art and culture in society. Its membership includes Jewish artists, galleries, museum curators, collectors, retailers of Judaica, writers, educators in the field of Jewish studies and art history, and others professionally involved in the field. The Guild can suggest educational workshops, lectures, seminars and outreach programs both for artists and for the general public. Members come from the USA, Canada, Israel, Italy, Holland, The Netherlands, and Japan and continue to grow.

The organization sponsors and promotes an annual “Jewish Arts Month” each March in which it encourages synagogues, community centers, libraries, and schools throughout North America to host activities and exhibitions relating to and showcasing Jewish art. This special month corresponds with the Torah (Old Testament) reading of Parshat Vayakhel from Exodus: 35:1-38:20 where the first Jewish artisan, Bezalel, is introduced with descriptions of his designs to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle).

AGJA initiatives include expanding AGJA exhibition opportunities, community outreach programs, a student artist mentor program, and collaborative educational connections to bring art, inspired by Jewish text, tradition, ritual, and personal experience to those who appreciate or want to learn more about the world of Jewish art. The email newsletter, HIDDUR, is distributed quarterly and members can also connect anytime on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Membership in the American Guild of Judaic Art is a heart warming experience. As its name implies, the Guild is a vibrant, living fortress of Jewish Arts. Members are not merely welcomed to the Guild, they are embraced. The force of unity inherent in its rare combination of talent, passion, intellect and spirituality defines and exemplifies the purpose the Guild. What distinguishes this guild from others, however,  is the precision, intensity and pride in which its members convey their love of Judaism through their artistic works. I am honored  to display my Judaic sculpture (some taking years to create) in the Gallery, and I am inspired by fellow artist- members by simply viewing their works and reading Hiddur. The Guild’s website, moreover, literally dotes on members’ artistic and creative achievements. I am in my sixties, and I intend to contribute to this truly wonderful organization as long as my hands can chip away at stone.” Larry Schloss, Judaic Sculptor.

Ten years ago, I received an email that changed my life. It began like this, “I saw your work on the Guild of American Judaic Art website and I wondered if you would be interested in creating a piece of artwork for our Synagogue?” That email and subsequent commissions from that first project, opened up a new direction to my Judaic art career. I have the AGJA to thank for that…” – Bonnie Cohen, AGJA member


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