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Beyond Bagels and Matzah ball Soup – Support for our Jewish Culture and its creative arts – Part 3

We will need to take a deep breath and start teaching our Jewish leadership- Lay, Rabbinical Educational and organizational to take a new more serious look at what we do as it surely a basic ingredient for Jewish continuity, Identity and pride…. and they all need as much help as possible! I know this coming from a rabbinical and educational family first hand.

We as Jewish creators will need to roll up our sleeves even higher than in the past to start generating new life and appreciation for all that we have done and continue to do for hidur mitzvah not only for philosophical, spiritual reasons, but for very pragmatic reasons as well… such as generating extra needed revenue when marketed properly to all the community beyond their own membership. A quality Judaic art gallery can be an excellent extra teaching tool for their religious/day school teachers. A well marketed quality Judaic art gallery can enhance the profile and stature of the institution in the community, not with the exhibits, but when the guest artist lectures and presents workshops that can be covered by local cultural arts newspaper editors.
Question: Do you think starting early before the holidays or using “Jewish Arts Month” would be a good time to start educating ? This would include synagogues, federations, JCCs, Jewish day schools and Jewish organizations.

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