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Zehava Benyamin

Jerusalem, Israel

Profile Description


Artist Statement

Zehava is involved in various forms of art design, oil painting, various printing techniques, wood and metal sculpture in wood. Zehava strives to make each Torah Ark unique to represent a singular theme or ideas. Her works integrate and reflect the unique of the various Diaspora communities, and the result: Creations of spectacular beauty and design, evoking an atmosphere of elegance and sanctity. In addition to her Torah Ark designs, she also creates decorative wall coverings, gateways grillwork, banisters, and lighting for synagogues and private and public buildings. They are a special harmony colors and materials, of styles which are ancient, traditional and modern. Her works are rich in ancient Jewish motives, designed in an innovative style which is sweeping in its movement and the energy it projects. Her kinetic works (candelabras, mezuzot, menorah) provide unique technical solutions. Her creations are a mixture of figurative and abstract motives, using shape symmetry and asymmetry, the play of light and shadow and the application of lighting effects.

Range of Work

Torah Ark, Ornamented accessories, Bima / Teva Decorations, Eternal Flame, Ner Tamid, Parochet, Rimonim, Torah Pointer, Sephardic, Torah Case