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Stephanie Caplan

Calligrapher & Ketubah Artist
New York, NY

Profile Description


Artist Statement

I have been creating ketubot since 1994, focusing on the art of calligraphy, watercolors and gilding, bringing a modern aesthetic to the ketubah, and making it for everyone. I’ve always had a passion for art & design and try to live by the words of William Morris, “have nothing in your house which you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful…” I live and work in New York City, in the same neighborhood where Yiddish culture thrived 100 years ago, and love that in a small way I‘m bringing it back.

Range of Work

Calligraphy, ketubah, ketuba, ketubot, interfaith ketubah, modern ketubah, custom ketubah, ketubah print, hand made ketubah, gay ketubah