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Shoshannah Brombacher, Ph.D.

Profile Description


Artist Statement

Art makes the world within the artist visible: Classical music, poetry, stories, letters, people and traveling, history, my cities Amsterdam, Berlin, Jerusalem, New York, Prague. My art is like the water of Amsterdam canals, the deeper you look, the more you see. A reflection of a reflection, what you see is not what you see. My art is a tribute to music and the world of the Easter-European shtetls and Chassidic masters of Eastern Europe. The Kotzker Rebbe said about a storyteller in the street: “He told what he wanted and I heard what I needed.” That is my Art.

Range of Work

Judaica oil-painting, pen-drawing, book-illustration, ketubah, mural, calligraphy, ritual objects, pastel drawings, art lectures, custom works

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