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Sharon Levy

Judaic Jewelry Artist
Netanya, Israel

Profile Description


Artist Statement

Sharon Levy an Israeli silversmith since 1995, studied at the “Omanit” school in Jafa, and also earned a degree in chemistry in order to learn how to give silver and gold several colors.
She creates a unique matte finish to the sterling silver and 14 karat yellow and rose gold, as well as oxidizing sterling silver.

Her necklaces and earrings is now being shown in galleries and at Jewish Museums in the US.
Her work is known for its kinetic Judaica pieces such as the 12 tribe ring, which symbolizes the unity of the tribes of Israel, or the spinning prayer ring that says in Hebrew “give us strength and health and where ever we go we will have wisdom and success”.

Range of Work

Israeli, jewelry, silver, gold, Judaica, prayer, necklaces, earrings, spinning ring, art