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Nina Bonos

Nina's Joyous Judaica
Judaica Painter
Santa Rosa, CA

Profile Description


Artist Statement

With a rich palette of jewel tone colors, my bold watercolor and mixed media paintings and illustrations explore traditional and modern Jewish themes, blessings and symbols. My Joyous Judaica images adorn and add distinction to Jewish homes, worship spaces and gathering places.

My paintings have been transformed into torah mantles, large-scale synagogue banners, ark curtains, etched glass, tile, clothing, challah covers, prints, notecards, donor appreciation gifts, logos and other licensed designs.

My BA in Architeture from UC Berkeley trained my designer’s eye. My artistic creations express my life journey and family history as developed through decades of meditation and prayer.

Range of Work

Torah mantles, tree of life, ark curtains, synagogue banners, Judaica art prints, Judaica note cards, fundraising note cards, seven sacred species, synagogue art, donor appreciation gifts

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