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Miriam Karp

Miriam Karp
Painter, Calligrapher, Designer, Fabric Artist
Atlanta, GA

Profile Description


Artist Statement

With a Masters in Fine Art in painting, I look both to the history of Judaic art and to the larger world of art history as influences. I draw on a wide range of sources, working closely with couples to make their ketubah a reflection of what is most important in their relationship and creating a unique piece of art. My year and a half in Italy continues to be a deep influence on my work, as is my time spent outside hiking and traveling around the world. Designing and making synagogue banners and tallitot draws on the decades I’ve spent sewing for myself and opens up a whole new area of expression.

Range of Work

Custom and print Ketubah/Ketubbah, calligraphy, tallit, appliqued synagogue banners, Bar/Bat Mitzvah certificates, tribute certificates, sukkah art.

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