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Leah Sosewitz

Judaic Art Studio
Judaic Artist
Highland Park, IL

Profile Description


Artist Statement

Making art has been the single most important way that I have felt the connection between me and the universe around me. My love of words and language, the natural world, human images and ancient illuminations coupled with the search for meaning in texts both Jewish and secular drives many of my creations. Often favoring a linear form, whether realistic or abstract, the developments, growth and changes that occur as the work progresses are metaphors for life which is always in a state of change and for the cycles of natural life which surround us. Transitions and flow are stylistic priorities which resonate within that mysterious part which informs an artist’s aesthetic. I’m also very interested in the juxtaposition of traditional motifs and ritual objects that are created in contemporary ways.

Range of Work

Ketubah, papercutting, lasercutting, painting, calligraphy, bookmaking, synagogue art, Judaic art gifts, ritual objects, invitations