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Lawrence Mark Schloss

Lawrence Schloss Sculpture, Inc.
Wood, Stone, Judaic and Abstract Sculptor
Centerport, NY

Profile Description


Artist Statement

I grew up in an Ohio neighborhood in the 1950’s where being Jewish was better kept quiet. We lived in our own self-imposed shtetl. Our neighborhood barber had a J tattooed on his arm; the women working at Davis Bakery were survivors who sliced challah and cried; a Sabbath school teacher told us how soap was made from dead Jews. My Judaic sculptures of wood and stone speak to those memories; my pieces say, “look at me, if you see beauty, you see Judaism.” Wood and stone are everywhere. They are eternal. So are the Jews.

Range of Work

Stone sculpture, Wood sculpture, Abstract sculpture, Synagogue sculpture, Jewish Community Center art, Judaic art, Star of David, Stone, Wood