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Laurel H Feldman

Interior Designer, Art Photographer, Judaica Design
Highland Park, IL

Profile Description


Artist Statement

I am the founder of Laurel Feldman Interiors,Inc. I see all of art, design,and nature as one. I define myself as a”conceptual artist” visualizing and conceiving original designs for interiors, as well as, using many art mediums especially in my synagogue and chapel design. I take the blank canvas of a space and hope to transform it to a living work of art. I feel extremely priviedged when designing for a synagogue such as an ark, eternal light, simcha walls, memorial walls,chuppahs etc. All of my work has iconographic meaning – every shape, every color, every material that is used. For example, designing an eternal light nature called out and the hand blown glass pomegranate with all of it’s symbolic meaning was created.
My photography has been a natural extension of my work.

My photographic works of nature as in my “Botanic Portrait Series” are always to elicit from the viewer nature’s romantic, yet, provacatively metaphysical characteristics, and to reconsider our relationship to the natural world. My “Israel Series” I spontaneously photograph images that are embodied in my DNA. The photographs are of quiet fleeting moments juxtaposed to an ancient physical, as well as, spiritual background of over 2000 years. I hope to give to the viewer a sense of my personal feelings of the love I have for the land – it’s richness, beauty,metaphysical, yet solid meaning, a timelessness and yet ever changing land. “Ancient’s Path” was taken walking through the Judean Hills. The gnarled, twisted olive tree with the stone path and natural flowering brush brought me back to biblical times – as if time stood still and I was transported back to King David’s time or even Abraham. It was a magical moment when I came upon this formidable olive tree and that I could capture. I am a great admirer of Anna Ticho and this image I consider an homage to her – particularly, when I have printed it in black and white. I also, love giving my images a painterly and poetic aspect to them, which, I feel and hope to the viewer “Ancient Path” provides.

Range of Work

synagogue art, judaica, chuppah, synagogue interiors, simcha walls, memorial walls, art photography,torah mantles, ark curtains, interior design