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Profile Description


Artist Statement

Deborah Rolnik Raichman is a Brazilian Judaica Artist presently living in Houston. The warm and vivid colors from tropical Brazil, where she was raised, are a steady presence in her work. From her European parents, who were Holocaust refugees, she inherited a passion for everything Jewish. As an architecture graduate student, she became interested in Jewish art and religion which has become the focus of her life. Symbols of the Jewish tradition, especially the rich imagery associated with the Hebrew alphabet, are her main sources of inspiration. Her art work aims to remind the modern Jew of his long forgotten heritage.

Range of Work

Anniversary ketubah, custom ketuba, Synagogue Art, Hebrew Letters, Alephbet, Blessings, Yiddish Sayings, The Shoah, personalized brit/brita and bar/bat mitzvah gifts, Commissioned originals and personalized prints for weddings and anniversary gifts.

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