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Corinne Soikin Strauss

The Artist’s Studio
Personalized Painted Silk Commissioned Chuppah, Torah Covers & other Sanctuary Textiles
Wainscott, NY

Profile Description


Artist Statement

I started painting Chuppahs 25 years ago; their creations became my visual prayers. More recently I regained the essence of why Chuppahs manifest meaningful expressions of Jewish continuity and tradition. Bezalel, the builder of the Tabernacle (Exodus 31:2) who fulfilled the commandment Hiddur Mitzvah, further inspired me. As with Bezalel’s work, couples under the Chuppahs I create stand in a sacred space where my work becomes a meaningful addition to their wedding. One feels the presence of something beyond, what Torah calls “the glory of G-d” which fills the space. Unlike secular art, my Judaic art work, as a Chuppah or perhaps Torah covers, is indeed a blessing.

Range of Work

Chuppah, Huppah, Wedding canopy, Heirloom Chuppah, Interfaith wedding canopy, Synagogue art, Torah covers, Torah mantles, Ark cover, Parochet- Sanctuary Ark Covers

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