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Claude Riedel

Claude Riedel Light Eternal
Judaic Artist
Minneapolis, MN

Profile Description


Artist Statement

I am inspired by the Kabbalist description of the source of light as radiating from a “primary mystic center” in ever expanding layers of translucence. I find comfort in the permanence of the “source” and inspired by the many facets of that light as it shines on and fills us all. The 16th century Kabbalist, Isaac Luria, wrote of how the vessels of light holding the energy of God shattered. My work is an effort to take those shards and make them into something whole and holy. I use multiple layers of glass to capture the purity, wholeness and infinite radiance of the eternal spirit.The elements of my pieces are hand made, unique and my own design

Range of Work

Ner Tamid, Ner Tamids, Eternal light, Eternal lights, synagogue architecture,
synagogue eternal light, Ner, Aron, Aron Kodesh, Ark