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Billha Zussman

Judaic Designer
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Profile Description


Artist Statement

The designs are an example of various aspects of my art work. They all draw their inspiration from diverse elements rooted in Jewish life interpreted through materials and objects I reconfigure, re-object, to create a new concept, a new design. A wool knitted glove reconfigured to create new Tzedakah container, a Tzedakah Glove. A vegetable steamer re-objected, turns into a Sjnoder Book (Mi Sj-Nadar book). Various medium, the same approach: the medium is the message and, the use of humor and irony of life-fate, one of the most important aspects of Jewish heritage

Range of Work

Ketubah, Tzedakah Box, Tzedakah Gloves, Sj-noder-book, sculpture, Kippah, Woman Kippah, Mezuzah

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