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Arnold Schwarzbart

Knoxville, TN
Z"L (Of blessed memory), March 16, 2015

Profile Description


Artist Statement

Hiddur mitzvah – make physically beautiful objects and spaces used in the performance of ritual. That is the essence of Arnold’s work. Trained as an architect, function often served as his frame of reference. He felt that it was important that his work was connected to and part of the tradition of Jewish religious objects, searching traditional and mystical texts for ideas to inspire his work. Ideas contained in our texts are frequently the starting point for both functional and symbolic works. In his more recent work, he attempted to get to the heart of spiritual awareness. These pieces aim to inspire God consciousness.

On January 31, 2016, The Knoxville Jewish Alliance/Arnstein Jewish Community Center opened The Arnold Schwarzbart Gallery at The Arnstein Jewish Community Center, a permanent installation about Arnold Schwarzbart and his work. More information may be found here and here.  You can read more about Arnold’s life here. The Knoxville Museum of Art acquired two works by Arnold in October 2016.

Range of Work

Donor wall, ark, eternal light, sculpture, omer counter, synagogue art, amulets, ritual objects, kiddush cups