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Alisha Volotzky

Glass Artist
Cornell, CA

Profile Description


Artist Statement

Glass + Light = Magic

Since coming to this country from Israel, I have work in my own glass studio producing furniture and architectural commissions for Synagogue, public and privet homes and collections in Israel, Europe, Canada, and the USA. The unique technique I developed of, not just etched glass, but deep carving and painting on glass is prefect for fabricating custom tabletops from thick glass, doors, windows, room dividers and skylights. I make beautiful and strong leaded glass, stained glass and beveled glass. If you need windows, door, ark doors, memorials, donor walls and room dividers please contact me.

Range of Work

Etched, deep carved, and painted glass. Leaded and stained glass. Windows, Doors, Arks, Memorial and donor walls. Room dividers, Skylights, Synagogue art, Sculptures