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2017 Jewish Arts Month Essay: “Identify and discuss how creating Judaic art defines, enhances and expresses your spirituality.”

By Flora Rosefsky

Over the years, I often define myself as being a “spiritual” person, feeling the presence of God in my life, sensing the comfort of someone watching over me whom I can not see, like a parent to a child. Jewish traditions and rituals preformed each year, as well as written words from Torah, Mishnah commentaries, , prayers said in synagogue or at home all resonate as inspiration to take those concepts to express them into my personal visual art. Jewish traditions value memory, to remember those who personally influenced us while acknowledging historical events that impacted our life in other ways. Creating collage and mixed media art that uses ephemera (found paper) from my father-in-law Harry Rosefsky, of blessed memory, or using glossy family photographs become ways to show my own spirituality in a meaningful way. Even though at first some work may seem to be abstract, a hint of a narrative often appears.

If one were to define spirituality as feeling a closeness to a higher power, or to God, perhaps each of my Judaic inspired works expresses that concept. Other artists, whether they are musicians, composers or visual artists may feel the same way, Even on a subconscious level, where there may not be a carefully laid out plan before composing a new work, like a dream, images come alive as colorful shapes take on their own spirituality, My “Ritual Series” of mixed media collage work is a good example of how I take personal experiences interacting with various Jewish festivals, holidays or rituals to use my own visual language with paper cutouts, Powerful feelings I have for the rich traditions expressed throughout the Jewish calendar year – like a special “road map” through time and space, come to the surface. Two themes that I continuously explore are those of Shabbat and welcoming the Sabbath Bride in the Kabbalist point of view, and the Festival of Sukkot, where there is a distinct spirituality manifested between humankind and God as we carry out the commandment in Torah to “dwell in the Sukkah for eight days”, appreciating a safe sanctuary when the world around us can be so chaotic. Putting these concepts into visual art strengthens my own spirituality,never tiring of finding more ways as an artist to express the relevant meanings of the words of Torah, written over 3,000 years ago

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