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Judaic Art Collaboration for Temple Sinai

Levin/Brown’s design for Temple Sinai in Las Vegas was an opportunity to pursue a unique approach to the Sanctuary’s liturgical elements which were envisioned utilizing glass as its primary material. The theme of the bema elements of “creation leading to the giving of the law which evolved into the festival celebrations” was tailor made for utilizing the special talents of several artists rather than just one. The Architect (Mark Levin) selected 4 artists to collaborate with to execute his design. While working together as a team, the creativity of each artist expanded on the design and theme in their own unique medium. Claude Riedel was given the challenge to develop a large expressive Ner Tamid of creation. The glass Ark was to be a series of Leslie Rankin’s flowing glass panels incorporating the earth, seas and the sky surrounding David Klass’s Bronze/Brass gates of the mountain – Har Sinai – and the giving of the law at a human scale reinforcing the accessibility of Torah. The ensemble culminates with David Ascalon’s expression of the Festival Holidays. The end result is the unique expression as envisioned by the Architect.

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